The word “event” comes from the Latin word “evenire”, meaning “come out of” and this is exactly what BLUNOTTE does!
Our goal is to collect and understand all of our clients’ wishes and to turn them into unique and unforgettable moments….



Blunotte is a leading event company renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, captivating entertainment and creative expertise, we elevate each event to an unforgettable experience, setting new standards of quality and distinction.



We turn events into memorable experiences by offering a complete service in order to satisfy any requirement. With our experience and dedication, we’ll ensure that every detail is carefully attended to, from planning to execution.

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Lighting Design, whether for a private or corporate event, has one thing in common: lights, colors and shades that highlight figures and objects. 
Under our direction and with the support of state-of-the-art technologies, every lighting project is made to create and produce a special atmosphere and amazing shows!


Innovation, passion and technique in an alchemy of shapes, lights and colors.
Streets, squares and stores shine with our decor lighting. Exclusive installations, born from a creative inspiration, fit the spaces and create new prospective.


We are a partner with experience in the management of audio diffusion and video projection systems.
Through the most advanced AV technology using concerts, conferences and events, all guests live unique, immersive and memorable experiences


Scenography is the first element that enhances and gives meaning to an event. Whether it’s a wedding, an exhibition, a conference, a meeting or a party, the staging of the location takes a lot of work, commitment and imagination. 
In our Scenography Project, from the design of the space to the selection of materials, every detail is in alignment with the fantasy and mood of the event!


Our goal is to make every event an unforgettable meeting among people, through musical entertainment tailored to your specific needs. Live Music Bands, Djs, singers, musicians, and much more will play the special soundtrack to your Event. Here you can find more information about Pink-entertainment.


Our headquarter is in Switzerland, near Lake Como, where we implement strategies, develop ideas and handle all the events scheduled throughout the year. In Como we have our operating office.

We have branches in VeniceTuscany, Taormina, Sorrento and a strong network of advisors based in cities such as Paris, Montecarlo and St. Moritz, among others.

In occasione della #designweek, lunedì 15 Aprile in via Durini a Milano si è svolto un evento speciale per celebrare i 40 anni di @technogym con la mostra #designtomove.

Blunotte ha contribuito all’evento con un progetto di lighting design che si è distinto per la sua semplicità ed eleganza. Le nostre soluzioni hanno valorizzato gli ambienti mantenendo intatta l’essenza e lo stile distintivo dell’azienda, offrendo agli ospiti un’esperienza unica.

Vi invitiamo a visitare l’esposizione #designtomove insieme al nostro allestimento di lighting design, dalle 10.00 alle 21.00 fino a domenica 21 aprile.


In occasion of #designweek, on April 15th an exclusive event took place in Via Durini in Milan to celebrate Technogym’s 40th anniversary with the #designtomove exhibition.

Blunotte was involved with a lighting design project that enhanced the surroundings while maintaining the essence and style of the company, offering guests a unique experience.

We invite you to visit the #designtomove exhibition along with our lighting design installation from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM until Sunday, April 21st.

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Vi aspettiamo Venerdì 19 aprile dalle 14.30 in Piazza del Cannone a Milano!

In occasione della programmazione dei talk che il collettivo Design Society ha ideato, Blunotte Eventi presenterà il progetto legato all’intelligenza artificiale “A.I for Gorizia”.

Parteciperemo ad una discussione coinvolgente sul legame tra design, intelligenza artificiale e il mondo degli eventi. Questa sarà un’opportunità unica per esplorare l’intersezione tra tecnologia e creatività nel contesto degli eventi, aprendo nuove prospettive per il futuro del settore.
Non vediamo l’ora di condividere le nostre idee e di essere parte di questo stimolante dialogo!


Join us on Friday, April 19th from 2:30 PM at Piazza del Cannone in Milan!

During the scheduling of talks by the Design Society collective, Blunotte Eventi will present the project “A.I. for Gorizia”, focusing on artificial intelligence.

We will take part in an engaging discussion on the connection between design, artificial intelligence, and the world of events. This will be a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of technology and creativity in the event context, opening up new perspectives for the industry’s future.
We look forward to sharing our ideas and being part of this exciting dialogue!

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An explosion of colors and lighting painting the night sky, offering unforgettable emotions. An experience to live and share with your loved one. 💕

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Siamo entusiasti di annunciare la partecipazione di Blunotte Eventi e @priviteraeventi al collettivo Design Society per l’edizione 2024 della Design Week!
Siamo pronti a creare un’esperienza indimenticabile che vi lascerà senza fiato. Non vediamo l’ora di svelarvi tutti i dettagli di questa straordinaria partnership e di darvi il benvenuto in un mondo di creatività e innovazione.
Restate sintonizzati per scoprire cosa abbiamo in serbo! ✨ #blunotteventi #priviteraeventi #designsociety #designweek2024

We are thrilled to announce Blunotte Eventi and @priviteraeventi participation in the Design Society collective for the 2024 edition of Design Week!
We are ready to create an unforgettable experience that will leave you breathless. We can’t wait to reveal all the details of this extraordinary partnership and welcome you to a world of creativity and innovation.
Stay tuned to discover what we have in store!✨ #blunotte #priviteraeventi #designsociety #designweek2024


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Music is part of our DNA and Blunotte Show Band is our symbol.

Trust the best, enjoy the show✨

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Blunotte x @theicestmoritz ✨

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@theicestmoritz behind the scenes of the show ✨🪩

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Stepping into a world where entertainment knows no bounds – welcome to the ultimate event experience! 🎉✨ #EventExtravaganza"

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Dinner & Party
Milano Fashion Week 2024 @etro


#fashionweek2024 #milanofashionweek2024 #etro #blunotteventi #milano #musicentertainment

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From the first toast to the final dance, we curate events that leave you speechless. 🥂💃 #speechlessevents

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Lights up, music on, and the stage is set for an unforgettable experience! 🎤💡🌟 #EntertainmentBliss #stageready

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When you party with us, you`re in for a night of pure entertainment and class! 🌃🍾 #partyinstyle

🌱Venue: @villa_balbiano

📸 Photographer: @andrewbayda_wed

📽️ Videographer: @lumos_produzioni

🪩 Decor: @whitepepperstudio

🎙️Music and Entertainment: @blunotteventi

🛋️ Rental: @latinidesign e @memorable_rental

✨Wedding Planner @georgialouiseweddings

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Leave the earth behind and go explore the space ✨🚀🪩


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Experience our service like never before, where every detail is a work of art! 🎨✨ #enchantingsetup

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A symphony of music to elevate your senses! 🎶🌟 #sensoryexperience

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