The word “event” comes from the Latin word “evenire”, meaning “come out of” and this is exactly what BLUNOTTE does!
Our goal is to collect and understand all of our clients’ wishes and to turn them into unique and unforgettable moments….



Blunotte is the company leader in AV service and lighting design.

In this field, which is in constant search of innovative technological solutions, Blunotte has reached an important milestone in becoming one of the strongest realities in the event production industry, extending its creativity to the world of scenography, stage design, virtual set and light decor.

Nowadays, Blunotte can manage any request from concept design up to its realization, and its staff offers highly personalized solutions to always meet clients’ demands.



In order to improve our efficiency and to provide better services to all our clients, our company is split in two halves.

Blunotte’s headquarter, where all the planning and design happens, is located in Switzerland (Chiasso) and all the services (music, equipment rental, logistics, etc.) are handled from Italy (Como). Moreover, since 2019 we have advisors in London, Paris, Montecarlo and Sankt Moritz. 



Lighting Design, whether for a private or corporate event, has one thing in common: lights, colors and shades that highlight figures and objects. 
Under our direction and with the support of state-of-the-art technologies, every lighting project is made to create and produce a special atmosphere and amazing shows!


Innovation, passion and technique in an alchemy of shapes, lights and colors.
Streets, squares and stores shine with our decor lighting. Exclusive installations, born from a creative inspiration, fit the spaces and create new prospective.


We are a partner with experience in the management of audio diffusion and video projection systems.
Through the most advanced AV technology using concerts, conferences and events, all guests live unique, immersive and memorable experiences. 


Scenography is the first element that enhances and gives meaning to an event.  Whether it’s a wedding, an exhibition, a conference, a meeting or a party, the staging of the location takes a lot of work, commitment and imagination. 
In our Scenography Project, from the design of the space to the selection of materials, every detail  is in alignment with the fantasy and mood of the event!


Our goal is to make every event an unforgettable meeting among people, through musical entertainment tailored to your specific needs. Live Music Bands, Djs, singers, musicians, and much more will play the special soundtrack to your Event. Here you can find more information about Pink-entertainment.

Dinner & Party
Milano Fashion Week 2024 @etro


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📸 Photographer: @andrewbayda_wed

📽️ Videographer: @lumos_produzioni

🪩 Decor: @whitepepperstudio

🎙️Music and Entertainment: @blunotteventi

🛋️ Rental: @latinidesign e @memorable_rental

✨Wedding Planner @georgialouiseweddings

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Leave the earth behind and go explore the space ✨🚀🪩


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We look forward to hearing you play!

Join our new project for the upcoming season! We’re on the lookout for talented classical musicians!

If you’re a DYNAMIC and PASSIONATE classical musician aged 25 to 35, showcase your musical skills!


Classical musicians stage age between 25 to 35
Proficiency in classical instrumental performance and reinterpretation of popular songs/film soundtracks.
ℹ️ Additional Info:
Applications from electric classical instruments are welcome!
Applications from small ensembles, such as a string quartet, are welcome and will be considered!

To apply, send your performance video, full-length photo, and CV to:
📧 [email protected]

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Creating a world of wonder and luxury for your entertainment pleasure! 🌎🥂 #worldofwonder

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A symphony of lights and music to elevate your senses! 🎶🌟 #sensoryexperience

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